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Our Story

We started our breeding program in 2000 with Sugar and Rolf.  Our first litter was January 2002. Since then, we've raised many gorgeous, intelligent Standard Poodles with excellent temperaments.

We test our parents beyond CHIC standards, and are proud that many of our former pups have gone on to be Therapy or Service dogs.  And, our own dogs are Therapy Dogs with Paws-to-Share.

We are located in Riverside County, California, on two acres with lots of room for the Pups.

We generally have one litter per year per Momma. We generally get Parti pups in Brown, Cafe, Apricot, Black, Blue & Silver.  Solids or Abstracts in Apricot, Black or Blue.

Pets have been part of our lives since childhood.  Currently breeding Standard Poodles and working full-time Managing a wonderful Veterinary Clinic in Alta Loma, CA.


Where it all began..Sugar & Rolf from 2001

Sugar, Victoria & Rolf
Where it all began!

One of our former Momma's, Missy with one of her red pups.
One of our beautiful Parti litters from 2022.
Parti Poodle babies.
Former Momma, Jade with her first litter of Pups.  Elsa is one of those babies.
Former Daddy, Wolfie - with one of his brown puos.
Love at first sight!
A lasting love!
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