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Popular Poodle Haircuts

Grooming a poodle is important for its health as well as appearance.  Because poodles have hair, and not fur - it will involve brushing, washing and cutting.

First, you must make the decision of how you want your pup to look.  With poodles the options are varied. If you like the Continental Cut you can see at the dog show, or a utilitarian cut like a kennel clip,

Next you need to decide if you are going to take the pup to a groomer, or tackle this job yourself. If you choose to groom yourself, be sure to take some classes or training so you do not injure your new pup.


Either way it is VERY IMPORTANT to get them on a schedule.  Our pups are groomed monthly before they go to their new homes. Depending on the look you prefer - they will need to be groomed from every one month to every three months.

When finding a groomer, it is good to find out if they have experience grooming Standard Poodles, also be very clear what look you are wanting. Pictures help, as not all groomers know the technical names for the various cuts. Please note - if your Pup is matted, the groomer will not be able to do much other than a shave down - which is why for the fancy cuts daily brushing down to the skin is SO important.

Price for a groom can vary significantly.  I've been quoted from $65 - to over $200 for the same haircut. Conversely, if you choose to groom yourself, good equipment will cost you a minimum of $250.



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