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Quotes Truly most magnificent poodles in the County. We bought Jean Luc from Victoria because I thought that any poodle raised in her household with her credentials would be calm and easy going. And we were correct. My family was so enchanted by him, that six months later, we got Locutus. The boys are pretty much perfect. Smart, easy to train, calm but playful, loving, protective but not agressive and they play with the 3 year old next door like they were her peers. Victoria breeds the perfect companion and our family has been so enriched by them. AND...nothing is as much fun as walking a freshly groomed poodle in public. Quotes

Quotes Your dogs are awesome!! Quotes

Quotes I highly recommend Victoria's pups! My service dog Bravo is one of her babies and Wolf is his dad! Quotes

Quotes We have three of Victoria's pups. Bridie - Black female, daughter of Rolf & Sugar, just the sweetest dog. Loves kids & is very protective, but in a good way. She is now nine years old and won't leave our side. Visocchi - He is a big white dog & looks so much like his dad, Rolf. Has the same mom as Bride, Sugar. He is eight and a big gentle lamb of a dog. Archie - Tall, thin and full of mischief. Can get into everything he wants to and opens doors. He is the son of Wolfgang & Missy. He is a big lover & greets everyone in the neighborhood at the front gate because he wants everyone to pet him. He is the baby at six & still looks facially like a puppy. We took all of them to a big doggy park to let them off the leash & run with the other dogs. We walked completely around the park three times & they never left our sides. Wonderful dogs & wonderful friends/family. We wish we could have more, because Victoria has the very best family oriented dogs. Quotes
David & Rosey

Quotes We bought our Rufus from Victoria in 2009. He is a fine fellow. Healthy and smart. A real social animal, he makes friends with everyone! Great friend and family member. Quotes

Quotes We've had Coco Fluff for 11 years now and have NEVER had any 'issues' with her. She is beautiful and we've gotten many compliments on her beauty and grace. When she came to live with us she was more civilized and better trained than our children, lol. She has been a sweet and obliging companion for us and we would not hesitate for a second to bring another of these well-bred pups into our home. Quotes